How To Pick A Rehab Facility

Top Alcohol Rehabs In The USA

There are many alcohol rehab centers out here, and it’s hard to know which one is good or bad. Rehabilitating centers have different treatment programs, credentials, and even cost. Many rehab centers in the US don’t meet the expectations of their clients.
Before settling for a rehab facility, you should look at the nutrition, fitness and wellness, and the treatment environment. Below are the top alcohol rehabilitation facilities in the USA.
1. Beachway Therapy Centre
This rehab center is located in Florida and uses one on one approach for every client. The facility accepts only 24 clients at a time. They are able to take to focus on the health and recovery of each client, ensuring that every individual gets high-quality care.
Each individual is given a unique treatment plan to cater to their different needs. The facility does not use shortcuts to treat clients, and this is why they offer individualized treatment. They not satisfy the minimum requirements for rehab centers in the state but go beyond it. Apart from getting the clients sober, they focus on how they will be sober once they get out of the facility.
2. Decision Point Centre
This facility in Prescott, Arizona, has licensed and specialized therapists who focus on the sobriety of the clients. The center has a good reputation among former clients. The facility offers individual and group psychological services like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and family therapy, among others.
They also integrate fitness, nutrition, sober adventure, and recreational activities into their program. The center has also taken various measures to prevent the spread of Covid -19. Telephonic treatment is one of the precautions that the facility has opted for.
3. Hawaii Island Recovery
This facility is located in Kailua-Kona in the state of Hawaii. The center only has eight beds and utilizes an evidence-based approach to treat their clients. The facility also treats behavioral addiction, such as gambling, sex, and pornography. Alcoholism is usually associated with other behavioral addictions, such as gambling.
They offer personal and group psychological services such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. They also offer medical services by evaluating each client in every 24 hours. The clients also take part in fun and sporting activities such as NA and AA fellowship. Also, the facility focuses on the nutrition and fitness of every client, which is key to their recovery.
D’Amore Healthcare
California has the best rehab facilities in the country, and D’Amore is one of them. The facility only hires master-level therapists with a ratio of one therapist to four clients. It offers professional treatment of the highest standard and is led by one of the most skilled professionals in the industry.
The facility is licensed for mental health and Substance Use Disorder, which is rare for a rehab center to have. They use an advanced approach in the treatment of their clients, with a great environment for recovery.
4. Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA)
CADA is found in the Santa Barbara area and has been operational for the past 60 years. Their main aim is to create a safe and sober community by treating and preventing alcoholism. The facility has dedicated volunteers and staff and even carries out educative missions to youths and adults. Their treatments involve Substance abuse counseling, Cognitive and behavioral therapy, rational or emotive behavioral therapy, and trauma counseling.
CADA is licensed to operate in California and fulfills all the requirements of the state. It’s a nonprofit alcohol and drug treatment center. CADA accepts government or federal funding, cash payment, and private health insurance for their services.
5. The Caron Foundation
This rehabilitation facility is found in different locations in the country and is popular in the treatment of young adults. It has locations in Boca Raton, Florida, Wernersville, PA, and Princeton, Texas. The facility provides well-researched and evidence-based treatments.
The facility has national recognition as a leading nonprofit rehabilitation center for alcohol addictions. It has served the public for the last six decades. The Caron Foundation uses unique clinical approaches to cater to the individual needs of a client. They focus on the mental, spiritual, and physical healing of their clients by treating each client as a whole. Each client has a treatment session with addiction and spiritual counselors, psychologists, and medical staff.
Every client participates in group and individual therapy, care planning, daily lectures, and therapeutic activities. The facility offers post-rehabilitation support to its alumni through regional activities, retreats, workshops, and events. Clients stay connected with each other even after the treatment ends. It motivates the clients and gives them hope throughout the recovery process.
6. Cornerstone Healing Centre
Cornerstone not only focuses on mental and physical healing but on spiritual healing as well. They provide an environment that overcomes addiction in a short time. The clients engage in different activities such as yoga, nutritional therapy, meditation, weight training, and life skills. The services include structured sober living, PHP, Outpatient EMDR, Recovery Coaching, and Outpatient Therapy.
7. Spectrum Health Services, Inc.
Spectrum Health Services is a nonprofit rehabilitation facility that has helped many people overcome addiction. It has been operational for over five decades and also helps people with mental disorders. Spectrum has locations in Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. The services offered at Spectrum include residential rehabilitation, outpatient counseling, medical treatment, inpatient detoxification, and peer recovery support.
It also operates several residential programs for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. It provides addiction support to criminal offenders who have substance abuse problems. The services are offered contracts with different clients in the public and private sectors. They accept funding from federal, state, and local governments, private corporations, employee assistance programs, and insurance companies.
Alcohol addiction is common and can destroy the life of an individual. Neglecting, it only worsens the situation. The best way of helping a person with alcohol problems is by taking them to a rehabilitation center. The problem is that most facilities don’t offer the high-quality services that clients need. Therefore, you should ensure that your loved one gets the best services by taking him/her to a top facility.

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