How To Pick A Rehab Facility

Know Before Going To Alcohol Rehab

Deciding to go to alcohol rehab is one of the most challenging decisions to make. This is because it takes a lot of courage for someone to accept he or she needs help with alcohol addiction. However, once they accept that they have a problem that needs help; it becomes very easy for them to go through a successful rehab. Gong to rehab also requires a lot of commitment and focus so as to fasten the recovery process. Once you have made that difficult decision on going for rehab, you might be having a number of questions and thoughts going through your mind like what rehab is, what it looks like, how is life in rehab, and what it is all about.
Well, there are a number of things you need to know before going for rehab. They include:

1. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the rehab’s program structure
Different rehab programs have different ways in which they carry out rehab lessons and different treatment processes. Ensure you know the structure of the program just to know what to expect once you decide to go for rehab in any of the rehabilitation facilities.

2. Be prepared both physically and mentally for a changed and unique environment
Although everyone in rehab has the same goal of overcoming an addiction and attaining sobriety, they are still people that come from totally different places. In a rehab, you are likely to meet people whom you will like and bond with very easily and people who you won’t bond with easily. It will definitely take you some time to adapt and be comfortable in that rehab environment. You are most likely to make friends while in rehab, ensure they influence your life positively, and they don’t lead you back to addiction once you are through with your rehab treatment.

3. Pack wisely
Rehab is more of a social than a professional place. Therefore you do not need to pack a lot of things when you check into a rehab center. The main thing you should focus on is the recovery process and not physical appearance. Most of the rehabilitation centers provide a list of the required items. You should also not carry any contraband since your bags will be searched before entry into the rehabilitation facilities.

4. Never give in to temptations to leave before finishing the treatment
Rehab for alcohol addicts, especially those with severe addiction, is very difficult to go through. A successful rehab has very positive results at the end when you are committed to the rehab process; there is a reward at the end. There will be many temptations to quit the rehab and leave, but once you know what your goal is and you stay committed to it, it will be very easy and fun. The benefits of rehab come at the end when you are able to fully recover from alcohol addiction, build a broken relationship, and live a healthy and peaceful life in recovery.

5. What you need in rehab
Different rehab centers have different items that you are allowed to bring with you. Normally you are allowed toiletries such as shaving cream and a shaving razor. You may want to carry a contact list to keep in case of any emergencies and enough cash to buy little things that you may have forgotten, and you still need them in a rehabilitation facility. Bringing pictures of family and friends are also allowed as they will help and support you throughout the rehab process. You can also carry a notebook or journal where you can write and keep a record of your life in rehab just for future memories. Most rehab centers have a dressing code that only allows decent clothes not too short nor too revealing just decent. The medication of any kind is also allowed as long as approved by your doctor and sealed.

6. What to expect in rehab and what it looks like

It will normally be the first phase you go through in rehab as part of the recovery process. Detox can last from a couple of days to around two weeks. After successfully completing detox, you will be given time to relax as you take part in the engaging activities made available by the rehabilitation center. Medical detox is highly recommended when looking for a good rehabilitation facility.

7. There can be withdrawal symptoms in the rehab during the recovery process
When someone highly depends on alcohol and suddenly stops drinking, normally within six to twenty-four hours after they’ve had their last drink, they are subject to develop some withdrawal symptoms. This can start when there is presence of alcohol in their blood. Withdrawal symptoms may range from mild to severe and cause some complications. Examples of withdrawal symptoms include Problems sleeping, Shakiness commonly in your hands, fluctuating changes in your heart rate and blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and hallucinations, which are seeing and hearing of things that are not there. It’s all in your head.

8. Amount of time spent in rehab
There are recovery treatment plans that range from thirty, forty-five, sixty or even ninety days, depending on how severe the addiction is. There are also different types of programs that take different periods of time. There are two types of rehab programs that are the inpatient program and outpatient program. The inpatient program allows the people on rehab to stay at the rehabilitation centers throughout the rehab period with their fellows until they recover the patients are accommodated and fully catered for. The outpatient program is whereby the people on rehab come to the rehabilitation centers occasionally but do not stay in the rehabilitation facilities.
In an outpatient program, your report to the facility, depending on the instructions given by the facility, people who go for outpatient programs normally are people who have responsibilities that they cannot stay away from.
These are some of the things you need to be aware of before going for a rehab; plan well in advance and you are going to have successful rehabilitation from alcohol addiction

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